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ERR - bpbkar killed by SIGPIPE

Level 4
trying to backup AIX 5.3 client with ALL_LOCAL_DRIVES selected and it fails with

11:59:02.198 [2572522] <16> bpbkar sighandler: ERR - bpbkar killed by SIGPIPE
11:59:02.198 [2572522] <2> bpbkar sighandler: INF - ignoring additional SIGPIPE signals
11:59:02.201 [2572522] <16> bpbkar Exit: ERR - bpbkar FATAL exit status = 40: network connection broken
11:59:02.201 [2572522] <4> bpbkar Exit: INF - EXIT STATUS 40: network connection broken
11:59:02.202 [2572522] <2> bpbkar Exit: INF - Close of stdout complete
11:59:02.202 [2572522] <4> bpbkar Exit: INF - setenv FINISHED=0

Backing up some individual filesystems seems to work but it fails on others, are there any issue with large files ?

Can anyone help?


Level 6
maybe large number of small files?

Close(ish) T/N, but  goes on from SC=40 & fails with SC=13:

AIX 5.3 Client backup failing with Status 13

Level 4
with ALL_LOCAL_DRIVES set the backup fails as above, it looks to be scanning /exports

tried to backup just /exports and it failed with the same error

Level 6
set to full duplex or auto-neg?  

Make sure it is set to 100MB/full or 1000MB/full


if you do not want to force to full duplex, then just make sure that both master/media and client are at the same setting, either full/full or auto/auto

Here is a good thread from the Backup-Central forum on your exact error message:

Level 6
Employee Accredited Certified
what does getfacl  return ?

can you tar the files under export ? tar cvf test.tar /export

Level 3
Partner Accredited Certified
Can you post the logs under  /usr/openv/netbackup/logs/bpbkar/ ?
If bpbkar not exist ,you can create the directory.And restart the backup policy.
You can check the error occur on the same file or total time.