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EXIT STATUS 41: Netwourk connection timed out !

Level 4


Infrastructure :

Master Server Windows 2008R2 : v8.0 NBU

Media Server Windows 2008R2 : v8.0 NBU

Problèmes :

The certificate of the master is revoke and impossible to generate an other even with a token.

The master have 3 certificates:

One Start on 2037 and End in 2022 !!

so when i revoke the certificate and try to generate other i had the error : 8506 certificate already exist.

EXIT STATUS 41 Netwourk connection timed out .

Nbcertcmd -ping

EXIT STATUS 26: client/server handshaking failed.

Resolve with bpup / bpdown (Servie Web Management)


We have done this technote :

Change the account and group nbwebsvc and nbwebgrp : 100047147

Verify the resolution of the Master Name and ip : 100045945

Change password of tomcat : nbdb_admin -dba <new_password_here> : 100042446


But always same error: Network connection timed out !

Result command line "nbcertcmd -getCACertificate" : 

=> Operation failed for server <NameMaster>

=> EXIT STATUS 26 : client/server handshaking failed

Result command line "nbcertcmd -getCertificate" :

=> EXIT STATUS 5950: Certficate already exits.

Result to the command line "bpnbat -login -logintype WEB":

=> Unable to connect to the Netbackup web authentification service.

It' seem's the service "NetBackup Managenment Web Console" stop itself !