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Eject abomination tapes

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Hi All - We are running 6.x of Netbackup on a Solaris media/master server with an ADIC Scalar i2000.

Our supplier mistakenly sent us LTO3 tapes, labelled as LTO6! So they are actually LTO3 but they have L6 at the end of the barcode. We didn't realise this fubar of theirs until they were inserted.

Well our library totally barfed. We have 24 tapes now in slots that have an UNKNOWN barcode/media_id. Can't inventory, can't eject normally using the NBU gui, etc

I have been fussing with vmchange to try to eject these abominations by Slot number, but so far I cant get anything to work. When I do an "s s" in robtest there is no barcode/media ID for the 24...all there is is the slot number (slot 2 for example) and then a "Source Address" number that is neither the slot nor the barcode. In the case of Slot 2, the esoteric Source Address is 4097.

Here is what I have tried that I thought should work, but I keep getting errors like

/opt/openv/volmgr/bin/vmchange -res -multi_eject -w -verbose -mt HCART3 -rn 0 -rt TLD -rh mnsetup01 -rc1 2

/opt/openv/volmgr/bin/vmchange -res -multi_eject -w -verbose -mt HCART3 -rn 0 -rt TLD -rh mnsetup01 -rc1 4097

 Error I get for either of the above

Could not change media ID ------: volume does not exist in database (35)
volume does not exist in database (35)

It is like it insists on having a barcode/media_id, but it simply doesnt exist according to the robtest s s. It is just UNKNOWN/Questionable Barcode...which is the whole problem

How can I eject these suckers with just a slot location?



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Just eject them with robtest. It doesn't care about the labels. Just figure out what your import/outport slot number is (probably i1 or i2)

m s1 i1