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Enable change journal for E:\

Level 6

I am implementing the acclerator feature (with change journal enabled) for several of my servers and I am noticing that machines with attached storage the change journal doesnt seem to be in use for those volumes. 

On the servers that my data is on the C:\ drive i can see in the details of the job it saying using change journal tracking.  But on servers that have the data on a different volume other than C:\ all it says in the details is accelerator enabled.

I was under the impression that when I checked the change journal box under the client properties this enabled it for all volumes on the machine.

Maybe it just doesnt work that way but i am noticing a HUGE backup time difference in the ones that show using change journal in the details compared to the ones that are not.


Level 4

Is the attached storage CIFS/NFS mounts or are you talking about local/SAN attached NTFS volumes? If you run mountvol /L do you see the volumes in quesiton on the list?

Level 6

Yes this is NTFS storage attached via SAN.  mountvol /L? 

Level 6

It appears that the change journal is enabled for this volume but it will not be used if you are doing a full volume backup. DUH.  Once i changed the backup selection to an actually directory instead of the voume itself the details showed "using change journal".