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End of 6.5 compatibility on Netbabackup and higher

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i have noticed that since release of Netbackup, client compatibility start now at 7.0 version, before it was 6.0 in Netbackup (see in release note)

I know the end of support of Netbackup 6.5 version but how Unix client in 32 bits can be backuped ?

We have a lot of servers and a part of Linux 32 bits.

For exemple, does Netbackup 7.6 can backup Linux client in 6.5.6 ?

If you have information, feedback on this i would like to share your experience.


Thank you :)


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When I check the following than I would say that this should work for the version.

Rules specific to NetBackup 7.5
  • A 7.5 master server is compatible with 6.5.X/6.0 media servers; clients connecting to the 6.5.X/6.0 media servers are compatible as long as they are at least version 6.0
  • OpsCenter Server should be at the same or higher level as the NetBackup Master being reported on
  • The NetBackup accelerator feature requires configured media servers to be at a NetBackup 7.5 version level

Will check how this is with the version 7.6


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Thank you for your answer Speedy1205.

I wait your answer for Netbackup 7.6.


Have a  nice week end