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Enterprise Client / SQL / Snapshot from MirrorView LUN

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I'd like to use SQL offhost backup in combination with replication technology.

Scenario has two EMC CX arrays with MirrorView replication. SQL runs on one site and backup server on other. I'd like to use NBU enterprise client to take a snapshot of a replicated LUN.

1. Put SQL in backup mode
2. Check sync status on secondary site
3. Snapshot replicated LUN on secondary site
4. Take SQL out of backup mode, mount LUN to Backup Server ...

Is this possible with the current Snapshot Client implementation or do I need to script this?



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Hello Alex,

When you take a snapshot of SQL then you can backup the snapshot file through Netbackup as a normal file in Windows backups. It doesn't require sql configuration.

Else directly configure SQL backups on secondary server as offsite.


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I would recommend you to use the netbackup sql agent and the snapshot options you have using the advanced client and "Perform offhost backup"

Please see the Netbackup 7.0 Snapshot manual for more information how to configure and if your hardware config is supported.

I hope this helps.


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Two more docs:

Compatibility List: NetBackup 7 Snapshot Client (CL):

SQL Server Admin Guide  
See chapter 8: Using NetBackup for SQL Server with Snapshot Client

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Hi Alex,

It should be possible, but it is not an easy task...

You need the EMC Solution Enabler software package (Latest version is version 7.3, available for free on

Installing & configuring the Solution Enabler package on your client server, gives you a HARDWARE VSS Snapshot provider (and a lot of other crap), that makes the snapshot session on the CX hardware (Instead of using the Microsoft VSS provider)

This is how far I got with it some time ago, but I never attempted to offhost it as well... All in all back then it was quite cumbersome and sessions didn't get cleaned up sometimes, so I abandoned it alltogether ;)

Both NBU and the Solution Enabler maybe have matured since then, so God knows you could get it working. But I figure you will end up needing to script it by hand...

I suggest you try this on a simple SAN attached server first (Non production) to figure out the workings.

In the mean while: Backup your SQL with the SQL agent option or make a flat file dump using the SQL management tooling and backup the flat file...

For what it is worth:

I know from a Symantec employee that exactly this way to backup (Quiesc Primary mirror, Snapshot Secondary Mirror, Mount Snapshot on NBU Mediaserver and Backup) was to be included in a future version of NBU, but it seems they abandoned it?!?

Hope this helps!