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Enterprise Vault closed partition backups don't clear the archive bit

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Hello all,

EV 10 and NetBackup

I found a lot of files into the closed partitions that have the archite bit set. On the Activity Monitor I see a number of successfull full backups of closed partitions, then I would expect that NetBackup clears the archive bit of those files, but it doesn't happen.

Is this a normal behaviour?

In the EV Guide I read (pag. 54):

"The NetBackup Enterprise Vault agent resets the archive bit on the files that were backed up in FULL and DIFFERENTIAL schedules. "

 I can't find nothing about a difference between open and closed partition backups regarding the clearing of archive bit.

Thanks in advance.


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Hi, We seem to be experiencing the same problem with EV 8 and Netbackup Same scenario as above, none of the backups (full or difs) of the closed partitions are clearing the archive bit despite completing successfully. Did you manage to resolve your issue? or does anyone have any advice? Thank you.

Level 6

For what it's worth -- I would have thought it should clear the archive bit on closed partitions, but I have not tried it.

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