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Error 13

Level 3

I am getting error 13 on a particular client after it writes some 10 GB of data.I chked the bprm logs in the Media server and it says the below lines:

bpbrm handle_backup: from client ndcsql156-bkp: FTL - tar file write error (10054)
11:19:11.485 [5892.4964] <2> nb_bind_on_port_addr: bound to port 24577
11:19:11.485 [5892.4964] <2> logconnections: BPJOBD CONNECT FROM TO
11:19:11.500 [5892.4964] <2> vauth_authentication_required: vauth_comm.c.793: no methods for address: no authentication required
11:19:11.500 [3256.5864] <32> bpbrm handle_backup: from client xx-xx: FTL - tar file write error (10053)

11:19:11.813 [3256.5864] <2> bpbrm handle_backup: client xx-xx EXIT STATUS = 14: file write failed

And it ultimetly fails with Error code 13..What can be done,kindly help me...


Level 6
 Error 13 - A read of a file or socket failed. Possible causes could be:

? I/O error reading from the file system.
? Read of an incomplete or corrupt file.
? Socket read failing. A socket read failure can be caused by a network problem or a problem with the process that is writing to the socket.
? A problem specific to NetBackup Advanced Client (see recommended actions).

Please check the read/write permission of backup directory. 
enable debug logging, rerun the backup, wait for failuer, and check bpbkar logs.

for further details pleace see following:

Level 6
Employee Accredited Certified
Hi Zaad,

how much time did the backup take before failing ? Check if the drive can be defragmented to enhance performance. 
try copying a very large flle (10-15 Gb) from the client server to the media server  to identify if this is a issue with the OS or with network.


Level 6
Status code 13 is rather ambigous. It can be caused by many factors. I'd recommend to check bpbkar logs on a client.

Level 6
Partner Accredited Certified
Which SP have been applied? I recommend to apply W2K3 SP2.
I got winsock 10054 error(connection reset by peer) error in paticular situation, and after applying SP2 works fine.
But I don't know which MS fix in SP2 affected.