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Error 25 when using VMware Intelligent Policy

Level 4

Hi everyone,

I'm trying to resolve an issue with my netbackup and vmware domain.

The beginning of the issue is that we've migrated the VCenter 6.7 to 7 on a new vm with same name/ip/etc. After the migration, the old vcenter was stopped and ours troubles started. When a vmware policy, which worked before the migration, is started, the activity monitor indicates the error 25 cannot connect on socket. it seems to be that nothing has changed before and after the migration on VMware.

For this time, we've restarted the old VCenter and stopped the new one, but the policy still goes on error 25.

After a lot of research, we've tried to use the "Select manually" and not the "VMware Intelligent policy query" to backup vm. That's working but it's only a workaround because with the lot of machines on the network, we will forget the new ones.

For information, the vmware access hosts are the primary server or the media server. The credentials for the vcenter are good and the test query is working good.

If you want some logs, tell me.

Thanks for your reading.


Level 6

Hi @MatBams 

Strange one - I'd be looking at the logs in bpVMreg and bpVMutil for starters to see if they can shed some lights. Also the detail from the failed job may also provide some guidance on where else to look.




Sorry for the delay.

It seems to fail when the Resolver Discovery begin. You can see the job detail in attachment and the bpVMutil too.

Hi @MatBams 

Review this article and see if this applies in your situation:

Thanks for the logs - did you mean to attach the logs for VMutil from a different date to the job details? It makes it more difficult to diagnose (if there were no logs from the specific date - just say so as this can also help in troubleshooting). 

From the article - check the bpcd logs on the VM backup host for invalid server messages.


For the article, we didn't see this line in the log : bpcd valid_server: mybackup-host is not a media server either

So for us, everything seemed to be ok.

The issue is everyday when we do our tests. So i give you the log that i found.

Now, it seems to be we are in trouble with our media server because our primary indicates socket read failed when i try to connect to the media with the GUI, even after a reboot..

New thing today !

The service bprd refuse to start. It says that there is No entry point with the dll. 

I tried to repare the software but nothing's change.

the bprd log doesn't increment and the bpdbm is start.

If you want some logs to help me, says something :)

Hi @davidmoline 

We found the issue. The issue is from the Etrack 4067648. When my primary server and my media server are patch, we've got the error 25 when we use a vmware policy. When i uninstall the eeb on the media server and the primary server is still patch, the vmware policy is going well.

A support call to Veritas is open. We tried to repair installation of the media server and nothing's change.