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Error 59 - access to the client was not allowed(59)

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Error 59 - access to the client was not allowed(59) This has been an issue for quite some time and I found the resolution tonight so I thought I’d share. Here is a list of all the things I tried… 1. Ping tests to and from all the NBU servers to the client 2. Upgraded the client to 3. Checked the binding order 4. Validated that the NBU servers were all in the allowed servers list on the client 5. Enabled bpcd logs on the client 6. Validated bpclntcmd commands worked tested from client and server 7. Ran bptestbpcd from the media servers to the client – completed successfully – bpcd logs registered connection attempts As I was researching I noticed my rdp connection to my client went grey. When I tried to interact with it I was prompted to login but it was a different server. I captured the name and looked it up in my vcenter. I found that a duplicate IP address existed on the backup lan interface. We do not rely on DNS for the backup system and so the addressing is all done manually using a host file. We must have assigned an address to two different virtual machines by mistake.


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One additional note to add to your excellent post. Symantec recommends the use of /etc/hosts files on all servers and clients to avoid host name resolution issues..Even with DNS.