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Error 96 (NOT THE USUAL)

Hi All,

We have an issue with getting error 96 - before you all point me at the troubleshooting guide Smiley Happy - I just wanted to run over the issue as it seems slightly different from the normal errors.

When we run out of available tapes we move some new/blank ones into the correct volume pool that the backups are after, however netbackup does not seem to register this until we restart all of the deamons, which to me seems a little strange.  I am assuming that the EMM database is not getting updated correctly until the database gets bounced when the deamons are refreshed ? 

We are using

Netbackup 6.5.4 on AIX
10 x IBM 3592 in 3494 MLD robot

Has anybody come across this before ?  I have tried the usual tests, volume group settings, density, suspended/frozen etc...

2 Replies

Have you tried setting up a

Have you tried setting up a scratch pool?

Even just to see if NetBackup will automatically move media into the correct volume pool. Just even 1 piece of media. So in effect removing the manual effort you are having to do.

Thinking of your situation, could there be a problem with the media/volume database. If you suspect this, suggest running vxlogview command on the originator ID 111 (nbemm) just after you have performed a 'move' of new media to see if any log entries show an obvious problem.

Some help with vxlogview

Your EMM server is the same as your master server?

Will give it a go

Thanks Stuart, will try your suggestions, will have to try and see if I can do the scratch pool as the Ops turned that off is prefrence of the manual method so they can keep an eye on what tapes are being used by what volume pool etc...