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Error Adding Credentials during Cloud Storage Server Configuration


I'm trying to configure a Cloud Catalyst Storage Server on a NBU 8.1.2 master/media server running Linux. The configuration wizard errors out at "Adding credentials..." Taking a look at the "tpcommand" debug log, I can see that the server is able to connect to the cloud provider (in this case AWS s3) successfully, but fails at this point in the log:

12:16:32.542 [26506] <2> HOSTNAME: [DEBUG] PDSTS: add_mount: renaming </usr/openv/lib/ost-plugins/HOSTNAME.cfg> to </usr/openv/lib/ost-plugins/HOSTNAME.cfg.old> and registering again
12:16:32.542 [26506] <2> HOSTNAME: [DEBUG] PDSTS: pd_register: attempting pdregister command for spa:<HOSTNAME>
12:16:32.741 [26506] <16> HOSTNAME: [ERROR] PDSTS: pd_register: PdvfsRegisterOST(HOSTNAME) failed (13Smiley Tongueermission denied)
12:16:32.741 [26506] <2> HOSTNAME: [DEBUG] PDSTS: add_mount: pd_register() failed, restoring </usr/openv/lib/ost-plugins/HOSTNAME.cfg>
12:16:32.741 [26506] <16> HOSTNAME: [ERROR] PDSTS: add_mount: PdvfsMount() failed for mount point:<HOSTNAME#1> (13Smiley Tongueermission denied)
12:16:32.742 [26506] <2> HOSTNAME: [DEBUG] PDSTS: pd_mount: add_mount() failed for server:<PureDisk:HOSTNAME> and spa:<HOSTNAME>
12:16:32.742 [26506] <2> HOSTNAME: [DEBUG] PDSTS: pd_mount: exit: (2060029:authorization failure)
12:16:32.742 [26506] <16> HOSTNAME: [ERROR] PDSTS: open_server: pd_mount() failed (2060029:authorization failure)
12:16:32.742 [26506] <2> HOSTNAME: [DEBUG] PDSTS: find_svh_ll: entry: server<PureDisk:HOSTNAME>, svh:<0xc1cd50>
12:16:32.742 [26506] <2> HOSTNAME: [DEBUG] PDSTS: find_svh_ll: walking open_server_ll_t: PureDisk:HOSTNAME (nhandle=1 open=1) ? PureDisk:HOSTNAME

The account I'm using to run netbackup has root access on the local file system, so I'm not sure what "Permission Denied" could be referring to.

Does anybody have any tips on where to start here?

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Re: Error Adding Credentials during Cloud Storage Server Configuration

For starters, running a cloud catalyst server is NOT supported on a master server. 
You will need to stand up a dedicated media server for a Cloud Catalyst server.

The errors may be related to this fact - but get the requirements correct first, then if you still have problems it can be debugged.



Re: Error Adding Credentials during Cloud Storage Server Configuration

What permissions are assigned to the aws account used for the access and secret keys? whilst it's possible to restrict to some degree i always advice starting with "AmazonS3FullAccess" - at least that way you know it's nothing to do with any aws restriction.

Also have you tried to run the wizard before? If so then you might want to try running

/usr/openv/pdde/pdconfigure/scripts/installers/ to ensure any old configuration details have been removed.

Final thought - can you create a regular (ie non catalyst) cloud based storage server using the same access and secret keys?


Re: Error Adding Credentials during Cloud Storage Server Configuration

I encountered the same issue. I did some tests using the same service host name but different access and secret keys previously. When I finally wanted to configure using my final access and secret keys these errors were shown. I decommissioned the CloudCatalyst cloud storage using the below technote and problem resolved after that.