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Error BPADM NBU 6MP4 for add new storage units with Robot Type Selections.

Level 3
I'm try make new storages unit on NBU 6mp4, but I've this error :

Robot Type Selections


1) NONE - Not Robotic

2) ACS - Automated Cartridge System

3) TS8 - Tape Stacker 8MM

4) ODL - Optical Disk Library

5) TL8 - Tape Library 8MM

6) TL4 - Tape Library 4MM

7) TLD - Tape Library DLT

8) TSD - Tape Stacker DLT

9) TSH - Tape Stacker Half-inch

10) TLH - Tape Library Half-inch

11) TLM - Tape Library Multimedia

12) LMF - Library Management Facility

13) RSM - Removable Storage Manager

Enter Choice [1-13]: 7

Enter this device's robot number: 1


unable to get density list, No such file or directory Smiley Mad

Press any key to continue

Help, my please


Level 6
Try upgrading your device mapping file. You can download latest device mapping file from NetBackup support website.