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Error Unexpected EOF in tar file when restore file

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hi ,

I am laving the following error message when I tried to restore some files on a server. Please advice how this can be resolved? thanks


Critical bpbrm(pid=5816) from client superman: FTL - Unexpected EOF in tar file  
5/12/2011 10:58:05 AM - restored image superman_1304121636 - (tar did not find all the files to be restored(185)); restore time 00:06:19
5/12/2011 10:58:06 AM - Warning bprd(pid=5232) Restore must be resumed prior to first image expiration on 5/20/2011 8:00:36 PM
5/12/2011 10:58:06 AM - end Restore; elapsed time: 00:06:55
the restore failed to recover the requested files(5) 


Best Regards



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Message: tar did not find all the files to be restored

Explanation: The tar file list contained files that were not in the image.

Recommended Action: Do the following, as appropriate:

  • If the problem is with a UNIX or Linux client:

    • Enable bpcd debug logging by creating the /usr/openv/netbackup/logs/bpcd directory on the client.

    • Rerun the operation, check the resulting bpcd log file for the parameters that were passed to tar, and call customer support.

  • If the problem is with a Microsoft Windows, NetWare, or Macintosh client:

    • Create a bpcd debug log directory on the client (on a Macintosh NetBackup creates the log automatically).

    • Increase the debug or log level.

    • On a Windows client, create a tar debug log directory.

    • Retry the operation.

    • Check the resulting debug logs for the parameters that were passed to tar and call customer support.


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First, were the backups encrypted with the NetBackup encryption option?  If so, see:

Second, were the files backed up using the correct policy type?  Could you have backed up, say, a Windows server using a policy type of "Standard"?  I've had trouble restoring files when the wrong policy type was used to back up the files.  It seemed to introduce some EOF characters because those characters would not have been a problem if the correct policy type had been used.  I was never able to get those backups to restore, but I don't think I tried hard enough or looked for a solution.  You might find a way if you can locate the right docs on the Symantec website.

Third possibility is a bad or corrupted backup image.  Not much you can do about this, but I would suggest looking at the above two possibilities first. 

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Thanks for all your replies!

The server where I tried to restore to that is set up as window 2003 32bit media server. The backup policy is the same as what it used to be, but except that the storage unit was changed to use master server instead (NOT media server itself ) for backup. Does this cause any confusion to the netbackup when restoring files?



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It doesn't matter if the server performing the backup was a media server or master server, nor would it matter if the data was backed up by a Unix server and restored by a Windows server or vice-versa.