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Error agentless of charging files VM

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Good Morning,

I am trying to perform a file restore through agentless of a VM in VMWare and when I select in the web environment in the image of the machine to restore the option "Restore files and folders" it keeps loading continuously without showing the root of the files to restore .

I have tried with different browsers and with another secondary environment and the same thing happens.
Has it ever happened to you?



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Have you confirmed that all requirements are met for agentless restore? 
See "Prerequisites and limitations of VMware agentless restores" in NetBackup8.2 WebUI VMware Admin Guide.

Hi Marianne,

Yes, I confirmed all requerimients.


- You must provision VxUpdate packages for all platforms for which you have virtual machines where you want to perform agentless recovery.
- You must have an account with administrator or root permissions on the target virtual machine.
- The target VM is where the files are recovered. It must be powered on and have VMware Tools installed.
- The default staging location on the target VM is %TEMP% or %TMP% for Windows and the root directory (/) for Linux.
- The staging location must exist on the target VM file system.
- You must have the latest version of VMware Tools installed to perform agentless restores.


Any ideas? We have a support case but for the moment they haven't said anything.