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Error code 58


Hi All,

This is to inform that we are getting error code 58 on one client. 

As per the error we did all troubleshooting on this.

We are able to ping master server and master server also able to ping client server. But master is not able to communicate client.

We did reinstall client software and also upgrade it to 7.7.2. But still facing same issue.

Please give your suggestion . Thanks in advance.

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Re: Error code 58

Ping proves that the server is online, it does not prove that the netbackup processes or the port that it uses is online/open. So you did some of the troubleshooting, not all of it.

Ensure that name resolution is working.

Perform the following on the client

telnet localhost 1556

telnet master 1556

Perform the following on the Master/Media

telnet client 1555



Re: Error code 58

Is this unix or Windows Client ??

Have you checked if Netbackup client services are running on the client?


does your client have multiple interfaces ? (prod ip or backup ip etc)

some basic steps which you may want to try

from Master and teh media servers

ping <client-name>

ping <Client - IP>

bptestbpcd -client <clientname> -debug -verbose

on the client Machines ,


netstat -an | grep -i 13782

netstat -an | grep -i 13724

if windows

netstat -an | findstr  13782

netstat -an | findstr  13724

can you post above commands output ?



Re: Error code 58

My support vendor has suggested this:

From the Master:
[installpath]/netbackup/bin/bpclntcmd -pn
[installpath]/netbackup/bin/bpclntcmd -hn [shortname of Client]
[installpath]/netbackup/bin/bpclntcmd -hn [FQDN of Client]
[installpath]/netbackup/bin/bpclntcmd -ip [IP of client]
[installpath]/netbackup/bin/bptestnetconn -v -s -f -r

From the client:
[installpath]/netbackup/bin/bpclntcmd -pn
[installpath]/netbackup/bin/bpclntcmd -hn [shortname of Master]
[installpath]/netbackup/bin/bpclntcmd -hn [FQDN of Master]
[installpath]/netbackup/bin/bpclntcmd -ip [IP of master]
[installpath]/netbackup/bin/bptestnetconn -v -s -f -r

Re: Error code 58

Should have told us the OS of the client..

Anyway, have you disabled the firewall on the client? 

For Linux clients, it's common to forget about the firewall.. (at least for me):

Redhat Linux:   service iptables status
SuSe Linux:      SuSEfirewall2 status

Re: Error code 58

bpclntcmd confirms forward and reverse name lookup, not connectivity.

Please do the following:
Create bpcd log folder on the client.
On the master, run this command:
bptestbpcd -client (name) -debug -verbose

Copy client's bpcd log to bpcd.txt.
Please post output of command and upload bpcd log.
If no file is created in bpcd folder, check firewall - either company firewall or OS firewall.