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Error during inventory robot on new robot

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Hello all,

Last friday evening, my customer having some issues with their tape library where the hardware vendor (IBM) comes and fix the issue. The hardware vendor change part of hardware but all setting need to be rebuild again at their side as well as they need to pull out all tape media in order to do so. Now, when my customer perform "Configure Storage Device", Netbackup saw the tape library as new Robot (name TLD 4) as it should be TLD 3. The hardware changes make Netbackup saw the same tape library as new library. Next, when we tried to insert back the existing tape media into new Robot TLD 4, we encounter :

Insert media failed:
media ID not unique in database (34)

This may be due to the tape media was not properly "Inventory Robot" when taken out from the library.  Please help as we need to have this library to be up for restoring data from the existing tape media ASAP.

Thank you



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The existing robot (TLD(3)) should be deleted from NBU config before re-adding the robot.
Delete the newly added TLD(4) as well.

Restart NBU Device Management services after deleting robot.
Deleting the robot config will automatically change all media linked to this robot to non-robotic (standalone).

If you (or customer) then run Device Config Wizard again, the robot should be re-added as TLD(3).

When running Inventory, choose to compare with existing config before selecting 'Update'.
Check for error messages here.
If the new hardware reads and reports the barcodes in a different format,  you need to look at Media ID Generation Rules and config in a way that Barcodes are added in the same way as existing Media IDs.