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Error start NBU 7.7.3 on windows

Level 3


I have problem to start NBU exactly two service NBU authentication and authorization after server crash.

I haven't a valid backup to restor the DB, can you please help?




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Try to validate NBAZDB database:

<install_path>\NetBackup\bin\nbdb_admin -validate NBAZDB -full

Please show us the result.

Hi Marianne and Thx a lot for your reply!!

Please find in attach the result.

Aucune erreur signalée
Database [NBAZDB] validation successful.



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Are you using NBAC in the environment? 
What errors are you getting regarding the 2 services not starting? 

Try to stop and restart NBU from cmd:

<install_path>\NetBackup\bin\bpdown -v -f

Check output. When finished, run 'bpps' to ensure all services/processes have stopped.

Use Services manager to stop and start Veritas Private Branch Exchange.

Start NBU: 

<install_path>\NetBackup\bin\bpup -v -f

Please show us the output of 'bpup'. 

Hi Marianne,

i do the step's but it still have the same result.

Please find the bpup output in attach.

no NBAC used, i disable the NBU authorization.


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Why did you disable Authorization service?

> NetBackup Authentication
> NetBackup Authentication -- NOT STARTED
> NetBackup Authorization
> NetBackup Authorization -- DISABLED

That is probably why Authentication service won't start. 
These 2 services go hand-in-hand.

Are you seeing errors in Event Viewer logs?


I already enable the authorization service and try but the result it's the same.

on the eventlog, i have this error:

Le service NetBackup Authorization dépend du service NetBackup Authentication qui n’a pas pu démarrer en raison de l’erreur :
L’opération a réussi.

The NetBackup Authorization service depends on the NetBackup Authentication service  that could not start because of the error:
The operation is a success.

i don't understand this message!!


Level 5
NetBackup Authentication (nbatd) should be running and is NOT dependent on NetBackup Authrization (nbazd) service however nbazd is dependant on nbatd. nbazd should only be running if you are using NBAC, which you are not hence that service is disabled.

In my experience nbatd was not starting due to corruption in its configuration file “vrtsatlocal.conf”, now this file is at two locations we need to focus only on “var/global” as this is the file which is used at service startup. At this location you will also find a backup file(last good configuration) and also a template file. Replace existing vrtsatlocal.conf file with backup then try to start service, if that doesn’t work then replace it with the template file. I don’t have exact path under global folder, so please search for this file and you will know you are at correct location if you also see backup and template file.

If this doesn’t help, please open a Veritas support case as log analysis would be required.

Hi Anshu,

Thx for your reply, i test it but it's the same. i can't start it.

please if someone have another idea, I'll take it!


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Please log a Support call with Veritas.