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Error while BMR restore : Failed to create partition

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I have a client which operating system is Windows 7 and is backed up using Netbackup 7.1 installed in Windows Server 2008 R2.

I need to make a Point In Time restore for this client, so i created the PIT configuration and made all the needed changes to the SRT (missing drivers in first place), and prepared it to be restored.

When i start restore, it blocks with error saying Failed to create partition.

Here is the bmrrst.log file attached.

Please any help would be appreciated.

Thank you in advance



Level 5

I would add, that the restore is being made in the same backed up machine (as stated in Netbackup docs).

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The BMR client is a physical machine or is it virtual?

Also, have you tried doing the mapping before preparing for restore, or in the same BMR client right before the restore?

Complete guess, but the last 7.6 SCL I have can be read a couple of ways; however one way implies BMR requires Windows 7 Ultimate Edition. Is (was) the client running that version? Andrew

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The PIT considers the dissimilar restore. It try to map the drive and NIC configuration.

1.  Before the start of the restore process, run the command from the NBU/BMR Master Server: 

$inst_path\netbackup\bin\bmrovradm  -enable  "Disable DSR" -client $CLIENT_NAME -configuration <PIT-Configuration> 

To verify that the command setting is active,  run the command: 

$inst_path\netbackup\bin\bmrovradm -list 

Cancel all running task in BMR task and restart the restore.