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Error while restoring Exchange email

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I am trying to restore an email, from Exchange 2010 database availability group, which is backed up by Netbackup version 8.0 master server.

The restore job fails with this error:

1: (2810) MS-Exchange policy restore error

The job details, are in attached file.

I confirm that the account used for Netbackup services has sufficient permissions in Exchange.
I don't know, what i should do to resolve this problem?

Any help would be appreciated.



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Usually "rai error 6 and 17" are clear case of insufficient permissions and missing application mappings.

Try steps from thsi article.

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It looks to me like you redirected the restore to the following path:

\\DAG\Microsoft Information Store\MBX001\Database\user name []\Information database

This is not a valid path. I expect something more like this:

Microsoft Exchange Database Availability Groups:\DAG\Microsoft Information Store\MBX001\Database\user name []\Top of Information Store\restore folder\

Here's an example from my DAG.

Microsoft Exchange Database Availability Groups:\vm562dag\Microsoft Information Store\SplitRock\Database\Sammy Dwarf [Sneezy]\Top of Information Store\restore folder\

You don't need to learn the precise syntax. Rather, when you change the destination, only change the end part. Leave the beginning part of the path as is. Everything through "Top of Information Store" must exist. You can specify a folder that doesn't exist, and restore into it. Remember the trailing backslash.

Another note. There was a potential confusion a few years ago if you have DAGs in different domains with the same short name, as in "Development\DAG" and "Production\DAG". That issue is fixed but I'm not sure of 8.0. Please confirm that the server CORP-EXC-002 is in the DAG you intended. In the future, don't name your DAGs "DAG". Find a more descriptive name.