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Error while trying to register Oracle Instance - The validation operation timed out waiting for...

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Hi !
i'm trying to register an Oracle instance on Linux client and I got this error:
"The validation operation timed out waiting for a response from the client."

We have a lot of Oracle clients (Linux/AIX) and we use the same instance groupe for the registration of instances and this problem is only on this client.  I tried to do a "standard" backup, not RMAN OIP backup and everything is OK.
Would you have any suggestions for me ?

Our environment:

Master/Medias: Linux RedHat 7.9 with NB 10.1.1

All Linux clients: RedHat 7.9 with NB 10.1.1

Thanks for your help !



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I would checked name resolution... looks like this issue... Is the client/server multihomed (more then 1 IP assigned)?? 

play around with the bpclntcmd on client and bptestbpcd/bpclntcmd  on server...


Hi quebek, 

yes we have more than 1 IP on the client.  We have a dedicated IP for backup.

Thanks, I will check this.

You nickname "quebek" is like my province in Canada, Québec !!!!

I had the same problem running Oracle on AIX, customer has around 10 servers and everything works fine.
After adding a new one, a Filesystem backup works without any problem.
After nearly 1 month (!) the problem was finally solved. I excluded this option because Filesystem backups are working, but after re-installing the client software the Oracle backups where successfully after the first try.
Give it a try you can max waste 5 minutes.