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Esxi server(5.0) virtual machines backup via Netbackup 7.5

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hi i am facing a problem during policy ocnfiguration of VM's

ESXi 5.0

Ntebackup 7.5


i add its enteries in Master server host properties, add credentials when i configure its backup policy i have faced the following error attached for ur reference,


ur quick responce is highly appriciated,



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from an old technote

Article URL


One known cause for the above message is the client specified in <client_name> is not able to be resolved from the system where the NetBackup Administration Console is being launched.  For example, if the NetBackup Administration Console is being launched from a remote PC, this can be due to that remote PC not being able to resolve the client name.
To verify this issue, add the client name in question (as it appears in the <client_name> field above) to a local hosts file on the system running the NetBackup Administration Console.  If that resolves the issue take one of the following actions:
1.  Add all of the affected clients to a local hosts file.
2.  Launch the NetBackup Administration Console from a different system where name resolution is not an issue. For example from the VMware Proxy Server, as the proxy server should already be able to perform forward and reverse name resolutions of all virtual machines being backed up in this policy.
3.  Update Domain Name Service (DNS) with both forward and reverse lookup zones for the affected clients

Level 5
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Netbackup 7.5

ESxi 5.0 clients

Sol10 x86_64 netbackup Master and Media Server

i want to take backup of ESxi VM clients. can some one guide/assist me how to configure the backup policy.

i already read the Netbackup Vm guide but hard to understand because i face many problem under it.

above images anre attached for reference



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Please share all relevant info:

NBU 7.5 patch level (hopefully or as unpatched 7.5 had a number of VM bugs)

Backup host info (OS, NBU version)
    A Windows backup host is needed, or, if and later, SuSe Linux 10 or 11.

Have you zoned the datastores to the Backup host?
      See this article for 7.0/7.1 that will also apply to 7.5 Windows backup host.


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From your screenshots this looks like a Virtual NetBackup Master Server and a Virtual Media Server(?)

And with that you know you cannot attach physical libraries to ESX hosts and expect them to work in the Master or Media Server.

If this is not the case can you expand on what you environment apart from the OS.

There are guidelines to follow if your Master Server is virtualised - beware of this and read up on them from the VMware Guide for NetBackup.

However, I tend to agree with @wr above that something is not being resolved.