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Evault and SQL Transaction Logs

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Hi all,


I've been tasked with setting up a backup for our Evault server. I've followed (as best I could) best practice and have the following policies


Evault_1 - Open and Fingerprint DB's

Evault_2 - EV_DIR_DB and Monitoring_DB

Evault_3 - Index

Evault_4 - Closed and ready.


Full and diff backups are successfull for all policies. I notice that one of the DB's has a transaction log of 60 GB. However, when I run a full or diff, i don't get a 60+ gig backup. I only get the actual SQL DB, not the transaction log itself.  The DB's in SQL are all set to Full.


If I set the DB to simple (which is how it was before when maintenance plan was being used for backups), the diff schedules fail.  The technote: TECH124510 explains that all DB's must be in full mode for Diff's to work.

Could I setup another policy Evault_5 and move the fingerprint DB from Evault_1 to Evault_5 and set that to run a full every day? In other words, can the fingerprint DB be seperate from the open partitions?

Do any of you have issues with log backup and growth in evault?


Thanks in advance,







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Having transaction logs of 60gb doesn't mean you'll get a log backup of 60gb. The transation logs are containers that could contain transaction log. The transaction log backup would empty that bucket if it find any logs during backup and truncate (removal of the logs from the container).


You could probably do some maintenance and reduce the size of those logs using an SQL query.


Worst case something is wrong so have a look at the dbclient logs.