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Exchange 2010 DAG backup via netbackup

Level 6

Hi Experts,


It is configured to take backup one mailbox DB on passive copy of one of the passive DAG node.  (without GRT, normal exchange backup)


I have triggered a full backup and the snaphost has completed but i dont see any byte movement in backup job.

I dont see any errors in detailed status of both parent and child streams. Nothing is showing under kilobytes in activity monitor and the time elapsed for this job is morethan a 30 mniutes.


Please let me know what should be reason ???????




Level 4
Employee Accredited

Hi Bharath,

You might want to double confirm if the snapshot process has indeed completed. It takes quite a while if you have lots of transaction logs. The easiest way to check the progress is by logging in to the node where backup is happening, and browse to:

<install dir>\veritas\netbackup\online_util\

Right click on the fi_cntl folder and click Properties.

Take note of the number of files.

Wait for 1 minute.

Then check the fi_cntl folder's Properties again and see if the number of files has increased.

If it's still increasing, that means snapshot is still happening.

If it doesn't increase after, say 15 minutes, you can check the following logs from the same node and find out what's happening with the snapshot and backup:

<install dir>\veritas\netbackup\logs\bpfis\

<install dir>\veritas\netbackup\logs\bpbkar\     

All the best.