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Exchange 2010 - Limit Jobs Per Policy

I'm backing up a exchange 2010 (DAG) with NB 7.0.1.  I'd like to run one mailstore at a time for 3 mailstores listed in a single policy.  The admin guide states the if i set the 'limit jobs per policy' to 1, it will not apply to parent jobs.  But it doesnt seem to be the case.  The first of 2 child jobs queues up... (


I'm assuming that 3 jobs (parent and children) will need to be in an active state for a single mailstore to backup based on how many get generated for a policy listing a single mailstore.


Also, in the backup selection i have:


<mail store>




Not sure how the new_stream might affect the number of active jobs.


So how many should i set for one mailstore at a time?




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I would add the exchange

I would add the exchange servers / DAG to the client attributes section of the Master Server Host Properties and limit jobs per client to 1 and see if that helps.

I would also advise against using multiple streams for the Exchange Policy as if any one of them fails none of the logs will get truncated so use a policy for each Storage Unit and again for this you will need to limit the jobs per client as the jobs per policy wont work for you.

Hope this helps

I have a policy per mailstore

I have a policy per mailstore but these 3 mailstores are for legal purposes and i only need to back them up once a week so their schedule differs from the rest of the mailstores.  Also, with them being quite huge, i only want them to be able to run along side the regular mailstores, but only one at a time... make sense?


I'm glad you mentioned the multiple streams issue.  I was under the impression that a failed job would only affect all mailstore backups if they were in the same policy, not just running simultaneously.  Or is it seperate policies and the same storage unit that can cause them to fail?


The jobs per client wouldnt work out too well in this case because i dont want a long running 'legal' mailstore backup to cause the regular mailstore backups to be delayed (last job was in excess of 80 hours).


I'm responding in another post about slow exchange backups and im testing a job without the consistency snapshot enabled.  If that helps the speeds this might not be an issue at all.


Thanks Mark, i'll let you know how this goes.

You need to ensure that each

You need to ensure that each mailstore has it's own logs. That way multistreaming is fine.

What is 'Max job per client' in Master's Global Properties set to?

On my file server I would

On my file server I would like to enable streaming.  The stream, basically splitting the data load.  example:

I thought possibly:

Tomas Carpio

Max jobs per client is set to

Max jobs per client is set to 10, which can't go lower due to other types of jobs that require it.  I set the max datastreams for the exchange servers to 1 but it didnt take affect yet; said it needs daemons restarted but didnt say which ones or where... any ideas?

I think the one stream per client will do the trick.

Also, to answer my original question.  Exchange 2010 needs the jobs per policy set to 3 for a single mailstore to complete.

create your on thread

you need to create a thread for your question.

and also your list would cause E:\Data to be backed up twice.

I wonder if the difference is

New Stream vs. Allow  multiple data streams.

I do not have New Streams in my dag backup selection

I just list each store

I have check in the policy Allow multiple data streams and I get one stream per line in the backup selection.

So I wonder if you use New Stream does it react different requiring 3 jobs to be allowed vs Allow multiple data streams only need 1 stream allowed ignoring the grandparent and parent?

If running multiple streams

If running multiple streams it should ignore the parent job in the count although it didn't used to in earlier versions Always start with NEW_STREAM as the first selection line And select allow multiple data streams on the attributes tab, then limit the policy to one job per policy if that is what you need

you don't need new stream

you don't need new stream if you have allow multiple data streams,  A.M.D.S. makes each entry a stream.

I believe you are both

I believe you are both correct.  Although during initial setup, we couldnt get the jobs to run without putting NEW_STREAM between each mailstore.  I dont recall the error, but im 100% sure it was on 7.0.1.

So i plan on testing max streams per client (master server properties > client properties) but is there anyway to set "max JOBS per client" for a single client?

Thats funny

when I went to 7.0.1 I could not get it to work with New_Streams between stores.

Found it it was when I went over 6 New_Streams it had issues (like it could not count to 7) - saw this in the logs it would do the first 6 but on the 7th it said it was the 6th again and every one after that said it was the 6th but it already had one so it failed.

took out the new streams and just left Allow on and it makes a stream for each line I have in the backup selection.