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Can you do a list providers

Can you do a list providers so that we can see what it things is available for VSS - it seems to think that a backup is still in progress and faults Also check this out just in case (though doesnt look like it from your logs) Finally - please work through this one to see if it helps:

1) already done. i also

1) already done. i also create new db named 123. same error. and i try reinstall netbackup agent to folder c:\veritas.

2) checked. all ok. last part for dag, i'm not checking it. because its not dag db. 

At a loss now then unless the

At a loss now then unless the Backup Exec agent has left stuff behind that is conflicting with the NetBackup client causing the snapshot to fail NetBackup tends to use Backup Exec binaries so unless the rights used by the NetBackup Client and Legacy Network Service are not the same as those used by Backup Exec I cannot see why one should work and one fail. All I can say is to double check everything carefully as per the NetBackup Admin Guide etc. and make sure BUE was removed fully and the server rebooted before installing NetBackup Also double check that the server does not appear in the Master Servers Host Properties - Client attributes section in case it has picked up a setting causing any issues

I install netbackup agent on

I install netbackup agent on all servers with previos installed backup exec. no problems. only here. also i many time recheck everything by admin guide. and every time same error:

An existing snapshot is no longer valid and cannot be mounted for subsequent operations(1542)


That message is usually one

That message is usually one one of 2 things - VSS / Shadow Errors or a rights issue


Make sure everything is OK with Exchange itself (guessing it is as BUE works) and check for any application and system even log messages during the backup

It may be worth increase the client logging levels to see if bpfis will give a little more detail as to what is going wrong

Recheck all. Increase log

Recheck all. Increase log level to 5. Same error. Log in attach

A few things here but do

A few things here but do please answer all of them...


Can you tell me about the server itself, what disk is being used here (local, SAN etc.), physical machine, virtual, and volume managers etc.

Did you clear out the C:\Veritas\NetBackup\temp\ and C:\Veritas\netbackup\online_util\fi_cntl directories  - just wondering why it says this in the log:

Have 10 snapshot list entries and 2 filesystem device list entries.

I assume "backup" is the user name for the services - is this account specifically set to be a local admin on the server?

Could i see a screen shot of your policy attributes tab as it also says this:

Database backup source not configured in the policy. Use backup passive database instance first.

Although it says it is not part of a DAG it does seem to think it has a CAS (cas.main.vgk) so not sure if this is confisuing things.

What I do see though is this line:

EseE14::GetTargetDatabaseCopyStatus(OUT) ... dag:No, status:"Mounted", active:"EXA", passive:"", healthy:No, mdb:Yes, cas:cas.main.vgk, clustered:No

Perhaps the database has issues and this is actually causing the failure.

Finally for now (a lot in the log file!) I see this line:

ERR - ubsStart_eseutil():CreateProcess() failed for "C:\Distr\exchange 2010 SP2\bin\eseutil.exe" /ml "\\?\GLOBALROOT.........

It indicates it cannot find eseutil.exe in the default path and looks like it is using one for the SP2 installation folder? This is well worth looking into to see why this should be happening as that version may not be suitable

1) this vmware 5.0 machine

1) this vmware 5.0 machine with mounted 3 datastore. max size of 1 datastore 2048 gb

2) yes, this folders empty

3) backup is admin + organization managment

4) in attach

5) cas - is client acces server, this information backup get from AD. EXA server have only mailbox role.

6) DB is active and working. with no errors.

7) i delete folder C:\Distr\exchange 2010 SP2. Eseutil.exe located in "c:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\V14\Bin\eseutil.exe" and working (i can run it)

OK, now that you have cleared

OK, now that you have cleared the eseutil could you try changing the snapshot type to 1 (system) - also make sure VMWare tools are up to date on the server as the snapshot and VSS will interface with VMWare

If both directories have been cleared down (C:\Veritas\NetBackup\temp\ and C:\Veritas\netbackup\online_util\fi_cntl), VMWare tools are up to date and policy set to VSS type 1 then re-try the backup

Rename the current bpfis log first and then if it fails post the new log file

but I espessially remove

but I espessially remove vmware vss addon on all servers. only ms vss left

OK - still worth trying it

OK - still worth trying it set to system - 1 just in case

well ok, i install vmware vss

well ok, i install vmware vss and chage snapshot type to 1. logs in attach

Something still referencing

Something still referencing it:

INF - ubsStart_eseutil():eseutil command issued - "C:\Distr\exchange 2010 SP2\bin\eseutil.exe" /ml "\\?\GLOBALROOT\De....
INF - ERR - ubsStart_eseutil():CreateProcess() failed for "C:\Distr\exchange 2010 SP2\bin\eseutil.exe" /ml "\\?\GLOBALROOT\.....
INF - ERR - ubsGet_lGenerationLog():ubsStart_eseutil() failed 0x4dd2c0.

INF - ERR - ubsGetExchangeLogsToBackup():ubsGet_lGenerationLog() failed - 0xc.
INF - ERR - GetExchangeLogsToBackup: ubsGetExchangeLogsToBackup() failed.
INF - ERR - EnumerateForLocalMetaData: GetExchangeLogsToBackup() failed.
INF - Informational: Closing Component 'Logs'
INF - Informational: All objects not processed. Forcing the status to 'false' for SetBackupSucceeded()
INF - EnumerateForLocalMetaData exiting.
INF - INF - EnumerateForLocalMetaData exiting.
INF - VSS_Writer_freeze_commit: snapshot create failed
INF - GetDiskFreeSpaceEx failed for NEW_STREAM0. Setting the snapshot size as default 2048 bytes

Something is just wrong here as it still wants to use that eseutil and also cannot get free disk space for the snapshot.

Needs to be looked at a lot deeper i think!

can you advise where to look?

can you advise where to look?