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Exchange 2013 backup failure with status 72 after Exchange CU22 update was done

Level 4

Hi all.

Anybody faced already with a Exchange 2013 DAG backup failure after an update on Exchange was done to version CU22?

After the update the backup started to fail with error 2 

08.mar.2019 04:12:42 - Error bpbrm (pid=9564) You cannot use the backup directive for Database Availability Groups for an Exchange Standalone backup
08.mar.2019 04:12:42 - Info bpresolver (pid=44088) done. status: 72: the client type is incorrect in the configuration database


Client/Master = Master
NetBackup Client Platform = PC-x64, WindowsXP
NetBackup Client Protocol Level = 8.1.0
Product = NetBackup
Version Name = 8.1
Version Number = 810000
Client OS/Release = Windows2012 6

Is there any Netbackup update, fix or workaround?

According the last compatibility list released on 7th of March CU22 is not supported.

thanks for any advice


Backup issue caused by installation of CU22 was resolved by configuration a third passive node without the CU22.

Restore issue was caused by this third node and espacially because of the missing NFS installed on it.

Backup and restore issue fixed now.

Thanks to all of you for the hints.