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Exchange 2019 CU8 Support


Is there a time plan when MS Exchange 2019 CU8 ist officially supported?

Thanks Michael

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Re: Exchange 2019 CU8 Support

It usually takes 4-5 months approx to proliferate newly released version. I see that exchange 2019 cu8 was released in Dec2020.

It may take more 2-3 months for support.

Re: Exchange 2019 CU8 Support

I have raised the case with veritas regarding the same. They have updated me Cumulate update for excange was release on decemeber 15 2020. It takes approxiamtely 90 days is what engineering says for a new release to be supported. So basically in mid of march you can expect it to be part of SCL. If not then better raise a case and check with them.