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Exchange DB restore

Level 5



Heres my envt details.

Prod Site

NBU - (Windows 2012R2 .Master )

Exchange 2013 (Windows 2012 R2) on all DAG nodes running NBU


2 DAG nodes are on prod site while the 3rd DAG node is on the DR site. 

There is an independent NBU Server at DR site acting as DR master. 

I want to perform a DB restore from backup taken on prod site to to the DAG node on the DR site using the DR Master

Steps I am planning to follow.

1) Perform 2 phase import of Exchange Media using DR Master  

2) Perform DB recovery on the 3rd DAG node (alternate restore). My question is in regards to the location of the restore. In earlier versions we could create a recovery DB and restore,  it is there a similar procedure when it comes to DAG DB restores ?

Appreciate any help in this regard.


Thanks in advance. 


Level 6
Accredited Certified

Yes the procedure remains the same as far as I remember