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Exchange GRT not show mailboxes Exchange


I'm trying start the restore, but the GUI not show de mailboxes of Exchange.

The backups are in disk (DATADOMAIN). The backup that need restore is old, so i duplicate the date from tape to disk but its not show de mailboxes.

Someone know how to do?

I found this problem in the link:

but not have solution.

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Re: Exchange GRT not show mailboxes Exchange

Re: Exchange GRT not show mailboxes Exchange

Was the original backup to disk done with GRT enabled?

Re: Exchange GRT not show mailboxes Exchange


Check the account permissions

 a. That is unique to Exchange - 
       Use Active Directory Users and Computers to create a user account that has a mailbox with a unique name.
       A unique name is one that does not already exist within the Exchange Organization. This name cannot be contained as a set of characters in an existing name.
       For example:EXCH1is entered as the unique mailbox name, and other mailbox names such as EXCH1BACKUP or BACKUPEXCH1 exist. The backup or restore of individual mailboxes will fail.
   b. The account must be a Domain Admin
   c. The account must have a mailbox associated with it and cannot be hidden from the Global Address List. 
       **Verify the account can send and receive email by sending and replying to a test email.**
       If this is Exchange 2007, the account must reside on the server (or in the cluster). See TECH77721 for more information.
   d. Grant the appropriate permissions within Exchange:
       Exchange 2003 - Exchange Full Administrator 
       Exchange 2007 - Exchange Organization Administrator, Exchange Recipient Administrator, Exchange Public Folder Administrator, and Exchange Server Administrator
       Exchange 2010/2013 - Exchange Organization Management **By default, this group contains Exchange Recipient Management, Public Folder Management, and Server Management. 
       Removing or modifying any of those roles will affect our backups.**

Re: Exchange GRT not show mailboxes Exchange

The problem here is with original backup to disk.

If the permissions and GRT selection were not done correctly at the time, there is nothing that can be done to fix this now.

The only option is to restore the Information Store to a Recovery Storage Group and extract individual items from there.

Check options and permissions for new backups going forward:

Everything you need to know to get Exchange Granular backups to work: 


Hi Marianne and Shaf. The

Hi Marianne and Shaf.

The original backup to disk was done with GRT enabled.

The  acount name is "adm.netbackup"

The account has the permissions:

Backup Operators

Domain Admins

Domain Users

Exchange Domain Servers

Organization Management

Server Management


I noticed that the date in datadomain not show the mailbox, but when the date is in tape i can see all mailboxes but after that duplicate the date to disk again, so i can't see the mailboxes.

Some backups should be apper in BAR because the retention in disk is 6 months, but i can't see its. So I think that the problem can be in datadomain.

I need restore the mailbox of the old backups, and when duplicate to disk, i dont see the mailboxes.

any idea




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