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Exchange Granular restore from this image may not work

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Hello Everyone ,

   I want to backup Microsoft Exchange DB with Granular restore option, So after configuring the Policy on Netbackup , I installed NFS on my Exhange Server 2013. 

after running the policy and successfuly backing up all the mailboxes I encounter " partially successful " message . please take a look at the attachment.




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@Marianne I did all the steps except this one ( cause I get an error) :



And I don't have any DAG configured in Exchange server. So should I do the below step?


The remainig steps mentioned in this URL are all done .(


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All of the steps in point 4 must be followed - DAG or Standalone:

4. Permissions - Configure Exchange credentials in the client host properties for each mailbox server, using an account with the following conditions:

a. The account has a mailbox in the Exchange environment with a unique name.

b. The account must be a member of Domain Admins or Organization Management, or otherwise have at least the minimum traits described in the NetBackup for Exchange administration guide. (If the account is not a member of Domain Admins or Organization Management, you cannot back up passive copies of databases.)

c. The account's mailbox cannot be hidden from the Global Address List. Verify the account can send and receive email by sending and replying to a test email.

d. Enter the domain\account and password under the Netbackup Admin Console - Host Properties - clients - Exchange server's properties. Do this for all mailbox servers in a DAG. If a mailbox server does not appear to your master server as a client, create a dummy MS-Windows policy for the client.

e. The account must have the right to "Replace a process level token." The method to add that right varies with your Windows OS version and whether the server is a domain controller (not recommended).

See this extract from the manual:



Replace a process level token is the privilege that enables the NetBackup process that does PowerShell commands to inherit the Exchange user credentials of the parent NetBackup process.

PowerShell is needed in the following activities:

- Bpresolver to determine whether the server is standalone or part of a DAG.
- In a DAG, bpresolver to choose an appropriate Exchange server on which to back up each database.
- In a DAG, NetBackup Discovery Framework service (nbdisco) to send the master server a mapping of the Exchange servers in the DAG.
- Regardless of whether Exchange is DAG or standalone, nbdisco on each Exchange server to build a list of mailboxes in each database to catalog during GRT backup.
- Bpfis to get the mailbox list during backup snapshot processing if the list isn't available from a prior nbdisco execution.

Other NetBackup processes need the Exchange credentials directly. For example, nbgre needs the credentials for GRT restore, to interact with Exchange Web Services (EWS).