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Exchange Status 71

Level 4


i have a DAG containing 2 exchange servers 2016, logs in C: partition are not purged. 

netbackup version is 8.1

the policy is configured as below :

attributes = policy type : ms-exchange-server // perform snapshot backups is checked , VSS (0,0,1) // passive copy and if not available active copy // servers are introduced with FQDN in prefered list (active server is in top)

schedule = differential (frequence 1 day) and full (frequence 1 week) in each one the option "snapshots and copy snapshots to a storage unit" is checked.

clients= the DAG name

backup selection=Microsoft Exchange Database Availability Groups:\

in the host proprieties\clients\DAG name\Exchange  the option "truncate exchange log files after successful instant recovery backup" is not checked.

the full backup is done with status 0 but some snapshots of the fail with status 71 (none of the files in the file list exist).

circular logging in exchange servers is disabled.

Please i need help !

thank you


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Level 6

Are there two issues here?
- Some differential backups get status 71.
- Logs are not truncated.

Do these two issues coincide? Do they always occur together?

There are times when status 71 is legitimate and not a problem. I'm not sure from your information that this is such a time. I'll explain more after we've addressed your specific situation.

Please provide a bpfis log.

Correction to last post.

Status 71 does need to be addressed. The most likely cause is when have multiple streams enabled and the database to be backed up by one of the streams is not mounted. The job details for the snapshot job probably tell you when this is the problem. (I don't remember. I last tested this 3 years ago. If you don't find the cause in the job details you need to look at the bpfis log.)

If you have retries set greater than 1 NetBackup will run a new job to back up the database. If you fix the problem between retries, then you will get a successful backup of that database.

This is the behavior for NetBackup 8.1 and later. Prior to that, the first job would end in status 1 and the retry could possibly backup the wrong database. Fixing that problem changed the status from 1 to 71.