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Exchange circular logging

Level 3

Hello everyone,
My exchange backup policy is fully set every day. Exchange circular logging enabled. I have read that circular logging should be disabled in some documents. It is stated in the Veritas guide that circular logging should be disabled for incremental. Does enabling circular logging for full DAG backup cause problems? backups are completed successfully, but I did not test the restore.




Level 6

How do you intend to restore your databases if you have to?

There are two restore choices:
- Point-in-time. Your data are restored to the time of the backup. Any subsequent changes are discarded.

- Roll-forward. The database and transaction log files are restored from the backup and then the existing log files on the Exchange server are played. This brings you up to your current state.

Can you see that the roll-forward option is invalid if you use circular logging? You need all the transaction logs since the backup was made.

Actually, you have two other choices for restore:
- Restore to RDB. In this case you are not overwriting the current data with the backup data. Then you need to use Exchange tools to extract the data you want.

- Restore individual items using Granular Restore Technology (GRT). In this case, NetBackup writes backed up folders and messages into your live database. If the item already exists, you have the choice to overwrite it or create a new item with the same name.

Hello, thanks for the answer. In this case,
I should be able to restore it as point in time. is it true?

That's true in theory, but we don't test with circular logging.