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Exclude List

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We recently started using netbackup 7 and are having problems with exclude list for a client server. It looks like the exlcude list is not applied/effective when a CLUSTER name is entered as a client. The backup works ok when individual nodes are entered as clients. But when cluster name is used, we are getting snapshot failed error(156). And backup fails when it is trying to backup a database files. The backup policy includes all local drives for backup.

Same policy worked ok 6.5.5. Is anyone aware of this issue with netbackup7. 



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Hi Taqadus,

Thanks for the link. I have gone through the link and i am not sure if iam having the problem that is outlined in the link. I have 2 other clustered servers and they are backing up ok without adding any hosts as mentioned in the above link.

I will have to look further into this. Thanks

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This is nothing to do with Cluster name or node name..

Seems its not allowing to do Consistent backup. May be u have check Windows open file backup settign by going to Host properties-> master srever-> client Attributes -> Windows open file backup

read this document.

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I am having the same problem, have you managed to find anything yet? I have been looking but can't seem to get any kind of answer.

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Have you specified the exclude list for each physical node name? Exclude list is added as a registry entry on the actual host.

Have a look at this discussion:

If you can clearly see in bpbkar log that the exclude list is read but appears to be ignored, please log a call with Symantec Support.