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Exclude file path from NetBackup Policy

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Hi Guys,

I was wondering if there is a way to exclude a file path from a netbackup policy.

I want to select ALL LOCAL DRIVES in the policy and then somehow exclude 2 file paths from within the backup policy and NOT from the client properties.

Reason being is that we have a database backup policy to perfom database backups, and a unix file system backup policy to do the filesystem of the box that the database is located on.


e.g. DB backup policy - backs up database

e.g. UnixFS backup policy - backs up the file system - here we want to exclude the paths where the databases are located so we are not backing up the data twice

Media server - windows server 2008

NBU - 7.5

SAP Database

Any help would be greatly appreciated guys!


Thanks in advance!


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Create exclude_list.UnixFS on the client in /usr/openv/netbackup and add the paths you want to exclude. exclude_list is applied to all policies. exclude_list.policy-name is applied to that policy only. exclude_list.policy-name.schedule-name applies to the specific schedule within the policy. See

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There are no options to specify exclude list from the policy. Marianne example is the path to use, I use it myself and its has been working very good

I highly recommend using regular expression to exude the database areas



Contact your local UNIX admin for aid in designing a regular expression. The link Marianne provided also contain examples of regular expression excludes.



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One more thing - my experience has been that Exclude Lists are only applied to Filesystem backups (Standard and/or MS-Windows).

No filesystems or paths are specified in DB backup policies.
Scripts are executed on the client that will backup database objects - not files and folders.

So, Exclude List will not be applied to Db backups.
Add Policy name just to be safe.