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Exclusion list - is this behaviour correct?

Level 6

NBU  W2k8 X64


Regular windows backup – exclude directory ending with  .as  using:

"All policies"   "all schedules"   and  *.as in the exclusion list     - That works as advertised


Same set-up but this client has policy defined in the exclusion area which has policy specific exclusions.   Problem that policy backups the  dirs ending in .as


The only way for that policy to ignore those directories is to include it in policy exclusion section.   I would have expected the policy to honor all the exclusions in the "all policies" exclusion list.


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 "client has policy defined in the exclusion area which has policy specific exclusions."

if i understand this correct.. the policy is deifined in the exclusion area..and does not have added entires for .as for the files for that policy..

in the case of exclusion.. netbackup alwasys looks for the more specific exclude list...

exclude list with policy name and schedule name will be the more specificy and high prority

second one excluse list with only policy name..

then only excluse list comes...

so if more specific exclude list is defined.... the rest will not be consider for that policy..

in your case... excluse list with the policy name... is the specific one then only exclude list.."All policies"   "all schedules".

so the policy defined in excluse list area... does not consider the entires in exclude list.."All policies"   "all schedules"...

so the exclusions that we need to do for that policy has to specified only with excluse list with policy name

so the way its behaving is correct.....:-)


refer the below T/N for more info