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Expiration earlier than expected for VMware backup images, issue?

Level 5

We are in, master is linux and media servers/backup hosts are win2k8. We upgraded at end of January from
Yesterday I noticed the following behaviour in vmware policies:

- a FULL1
- a DIFF1.1
- a DIFF1.2
- a DIFF1.3
- a FULL2
- a DIFF2.1
- a DIFF2.2
- a DIFF2.3
- ...
when expiring FULL1 image (manually or by retention time), ALL DIFF1.X images expire immediately too, regardless their expiration time.
That's not the same beahviour we have in other policies (standard/MS-windows).
I suspect that this issue has come after the upgrade.
It looks like following old issues, supposed fixed:
After duplicating full VMware images, block-level incremental backups based on full backups may expi...

When using Inline Tape Copy to create multiple copies of VMware images, block-level incremental back...

Any of you may confirm the behaviour we have?

Thank you in advanced,



Level 5

I reply to myself. 
I opened a case with support. They told me that "This is the expected behavior of NetBackup, as the BLI backups cannot be restored without the existence of the previous FULL  backup."

Infact in my vmware policies I used (sorry, i did not mentioned previously) BLIB option activated, as suggested in Symantec NB best practices.
I did some backups without BLIB option and behavior was i expected.

IMHO there is no deep awareness for BLIB option effects on expiration backup images in vmware policies.