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Expire old images

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I do have images in hp_storeone that I want do expire, from 1/11/2015 to 02/12/215, we did have had a problem with our tape drive and NetBackup on that dates.  When I use catelog to expire them it says to me "Backup image expiration cannot be moved.  Because this slp process s not yet completed.  We need space on our server, I want to delete this and do not need them to go to tape


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Backup images under SLP control that hasn't been SLP processed will have infinity retention period until SLP has done its job.

Take at the output from :  nbstlutil stlilist –image_incomplete

I bet the list is long, you need to find out why SLP hasn't been processes. Could SLP be disabled ?

if you know its disk to tape copy - simple cancel SLP process using eiter

Cancel pending operations on selected image

nbstlutil cancel -backupid <backupid>
nbstlutil cancel -lifecycle <lifecycle>

More SLP command can be found at :


General Advise on SLP backlog:


I am trying to run this comand, nbstlutil stlilist -image_incomplete    from   D:\Program Files\Veritas\NetBackup\bin\admincmd> but it gives me this error   nbstlutil: unknown operation '-image_incomplete'

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What version of Netbackup are you on ?

What options is being return if you just run

# nbstlutil (and then press enter)

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You could just run:

root@womble Image_Table_Split $ nbstlutil stlilist
V7.6.0 I womble_1473747910 womble_slp 3

See how the line ends with a 3, this means this image is complete.  If it ends with a 1 or a 2, it is not complete, so you could look for images that way.

As an alternative, you could add -U

root@womble Image_Table_Split $ nbstlutil stlilist -U
Image womble_1473747910 for Lifecycle womble_slp is COMPLETE

... then it tells you in English.




Getting this running only nbstlutil



D:\Program Files\Veritas\NetBackup\bin\admincmd>nbstlutil

Usage: nbstlutil [operation_name] [options]

Available operations:
active - activate SLP operations on images/copies
cancel - cancel pending SLP operations on images/copies
diskspaceinfo - display amount of space used by disk server type
inactive - inactivate SLP operations on images/copies
list - list SLP information about images/copies
pendimplist - show A.I.R. images waiting to be imported
redo - redo selected SLP operations
repllist - show status for completed A.I.R. images
report - show rollup of incomplete SLP images/copies
stlilist - show progress status for SLP managed images/copies

To get detailed usage of each operation use:
nbstlutil operation -help

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As per the last line in the output, try the following:

nbstlutil stlilist -help
(To get more help on stlilist 'operation' options)

Or as per Martin's post:

nbstlutil stlilist -U