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Expired Tape recovery

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Hi Friends,

Can anybody please help me on the following:

Recently We have manually expired few media using meia id.

unfortunately we have expired an media which is usefull to us.

Now we want to make that media available in the database, Is there any option to restore or regain the tape data and expirty dates visible in the database.(We haven't used that particaular media after expiry for any backup or duplication).

Out NBU ver:7.7.1

OS:windows 2012 r2.


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You can import the tapes.

Import consists of 2 steps - phase 1 that scans headers on tapes. 
Perform phase 1 (initiate import) for all tapes in case there are images that spanned more than one tape.
Phase 2 (Import)  is a lenghty process that takes at least as long as the backup did. This step builds the file list in NBU image catalog.

Phase 1 imports expire within a week. So, important to perform phase 2 import within a week. 

See this TN for guidelines:


Hi Marianne,   Thanks for the quick reply.

Here the media which we have expired is offsite tape which we already sent to some DR Site.

does we can do this import process without having physical media?


you need the physical media to scan. plus dedicate someone for this job as Marianne have pointed out, phase 1 expires in 1 week.

good luck!

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You need the tapes to be onsite to import/re-catalog them.

The tapes need to be loaded in a tape drive in order to read the contents and import image info.

There should be no reason whatsoever to expire media before retention period is reached.