Export netbackup license key

I am in the process of upgrading my media servers (2). The plan is to build a new box, migrate the files to it, install Netbackup, rename the original server, rename the new server to the original servers name, have the new server take over.

When I went to install Netbackup on the new box it immediatly asked for a license key. I am hoping I can install the license before removing the old server.

Thanks for any and all assistance.

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Re: Export netbackup license key

Simply use the old server's license key. 

Just be careful with name changes - NBU will add all sorts of registry entries using the temp hostname and expect to communicate with the master server as 'temp-name' while the master has no knowledge of 'temp-name'. 

Also curious what 'files' you want to migrate. 
Is this a disk or tape media server?

Have you seen this TN regarding media server migration? 

How to replace the server hardware for a NetBackup media server without completely decommissioning the media server: 


Re: Export netbackup license key

bpminlicense will list your current keys.

I always keep a notepad file with each servers keys - just in case.

Re: Export netbackup license key

You'll want to install NetBackup after renaming the server. Keep the original server offline in the meantime.