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Extending a few client's expiration date on a single tape

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I have a tape that has 4 images on it and I need to extend the retention period to infinity. Should I use:
BPEXPDATE -m -d infinity

or should I use

BPEXPDATE -backupid -d infinity

Thank you!!!

Level 6
bpexpdate -m will change the retention for all the images on media.

bpexpdate -backupid will change the retention only for the image you are specifying.

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The first example because it is the easiest and because a tape will not expire untill ALL images have expired.BTW: that is the reason the NetBackup default is to not mix retentions on a tape is the

Level 6
From bpexpdate man page -

bpexpdate - Change the expiration date of backups in the
image catalog and media in the media catalog.

NetBackup maintains internal databases with backup image and
media information. These internal databases are called cata-
logs. Both an image record in the image catalog and a media
ID in the media catalog contain an expiration date. The
expiration date is the date and time when NetBackup removes
the record for a backup or media ID from the corresponding

The bpexpdate command allows the expiration date and time of
backups to be changed in the NetBackup image catalog. It is
also used to change the expiration of removable media in the
NetBackup media catalog. If the date is set to zero,
bpexpdate immediately expires backups from the image catalog
or media from the media catalog. When a media ID is removed
from the NetBackup media catalog, it is also deassigned in
the Media Manager volume database, regardless of the media's
prior state (FROZEN, SUSPENDED, and so on).

Changing the expiration can be done on a media ID basis or
on an individual backup ID basis. Changing the expiration
date of a media ID also causes the expiration date of all
backups on the media to be changed. bpexpdate also provides
options to deassign media from the media catalog if they no
longer contain valid backups and to recalculate the expira-
tion date based on the configured or a supplied retention


Changes the expiration date or removes the media ID
from the media catalog and associated backups from the
NetBackup catalog. A separate expiration date is main-
tained in the image catalog for each copy of a backup.
When this format is used, only the expiration of the
copy on the media is affected. If the media ID is
removed from the media catalog by specifying a zero
date, the media ID is also deassigned in the Media
Manager volume database.


Changes the expiration of a single backup. If the date
is zero, the backup is removed from the image catalog.
If the backup is on removable media and the expiration
date given by the -d option is greater than the current
expiration of the media ID, the expiration date of the
media ID in the media catalog is also changed. The
change affects all copies of a backup, unless the -copy
option is used. The -copy option causes only the speci-
fied copy to be affected.

Example 1

The following command, run on the master server, removes
media ID BU0002 from the media catalog, and deassigns the
media ID in the Media Manager catalog. It also expires asso-
ciated image records in the image catalog.

bpexpdate -m BU0002 -d 0

Example 2

The following command changes the expiration of copy 2 of
backupid eel_0904219764. The expiration of copy 1 of the
backup is not affected.

bpexpdate -backupid eel_0904219764 -d 12/20/2003 08:00:00
-copy 2

Example 3

The following command removes the backup from the image
catalog. Since the -copy option is not specified, all copies
are removed.

bpexpdate -backupid eel_0904219764 -d 0

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Level 5
Thank you guys. That's what I thought but it's good to ask the experts first.