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FREEZING media id A10004, Medium identifiers do not match

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Hi Team,

I got this error messages in netbackup 7.7.1, after doing long troubleshoot I got the actual solution found by using my skill sets. The error I got was:-


04/13/2016 17:09:02 - mounting A10004
04/13/2016 17:11:11 - Error bptm (pid=7967) FREEZING media id A10004, Medium identifiers do not match
04/13/2016 17:11:11 - Warning bptm (pid=7967) media id A10004 load operation reported an error
04/13/2016 17:11:11 - current media A10004 complete, requesting next media Any
04/13/2016 17:12:40 - Info bptm (pid=7967) EXITING with status 96 <----------
04/13/2016 17:12:40 - Error bpbrm (pid=7965) from client VBDBSR01: ERR - Cannot write to STDOUT. Errno = 32: Broken pipe
04/13/2016 17:12:40 - Info bpbkar (pid=393) done. status: 96: unable to allocate new media for backup, storage unit has none available
04/13/2016 17:12:40 - end writing
04/13/2016 17:34:23 - job 150485 was restarted as job 150488
unable to allocate new media for backup, storage unit has none available  (96)


Backups are not running by throwing this error Medium identifiers do not match everytime, as netbackup is not able to cooperate with tape library as manually we are able to mount tapes in tape library, so it's not a hardware issue.




The problem is actual drive is not available while mounting automatically as in drive configuration will be different for sure in netbackup Like "Drive1 is showing robotic Drive number 2 and vice versa". The solution to this problem is very simple just delete one of the Drive from netbackup and change the Robotic Drive number equal to actual Drive number so communication between Tape Library & Netbackup server will be alright. After doing this change, just reconfigure the other Drive from netbackup GUI Console and make sure Drive number should be equal to Robotic Drive number.


One line solution:- For resolving this problem you need to make sure that drives are configured all fine i.e. Drive Number 1 should be robotic drive 1 and Drive Number 2 should be robotic drive 2.

I have applied this and my issue got resolved.




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If you use the Device Config wizard to configure robot and drives, then drives will be added with correct robot drives numbers.

You also need to ensure that Persistent Binding is done between hba and OS to ensure device names stay the same across reboots.