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FT Restore failing with (2808) Windows File System policy restore error

Level 5

FT backups of the client complete fine, but the restore fails with the following error:


(2808) Windows File System policy restore error

12/23/2014 13:50:17 - Error bptm (pid=129293) requested buffer size for FT (1048576) must be <= 524288, modify or use LAN
12/23/2014 13:50:17 - Info bptm (pid=129293) EXITING with status 20 <----------
12/23/2014 13:50:17 - Info tar (pid=11208) done. status: 20: invalid command parameter
12/23/2014 13:50:17 - Error bpbrm (pid=129289) client restore EXIT STATUS 20: invalid command parameter


Is buffer size 524288 a requirement for restores?  Strange since the backups succeed with 1048576.  Is there a way to specify a different buffer size for restores specifically?


Level 6
Partner Accredited Certified

Strange since the backups succeed with 1048576? It looks like backup was over the LAN and you are trying the restore over FT.

Try the backup using FT and check the buffer size and then the restore using FT

Also provide all your data_buffer values in your environment.




Level 5

Looking at it in more detail, it seems the FT backups are using 262144.

The client in question backs up over FT and I'm trying to restore over FT.  The backup is using the 262144 buffer size:

12/23/2014 18:16:47 - Info bptm (pid=57608) using 262144 data buffer size
12/23/2014 18:16:47 - Info bptm (pid=57608) using 16 data buffers
12/23/2014 18:16:47 - Info bptm (pid=57608) USING 262144 data buffer size for FT

Data_buffer values are as follows:

SIZE_DATA_BUFFERS                                 : 262144 B(Default)
SIZE_DATA_BUFFERS_DISK                            : 1048576 B
SIZE_DATA_BUFFERS_FT                              : 262144 B(Default)
SIZE_DATA_BUFFERS_MULTCOPY                        : 262144 B(Default)
SIZE_DATA_BUFFERS_NDMP                            : 262144 B(Default)



Level 6
Partner Accredited Certified

Are you Restoring to same or different client?

Are backups working from this client using SAN Client (FT)?

Is this the old backup image you are trying to restore or recent one that you backed up from the FT.?

Please try the backup of that client right now and do the restore and see if it works. It looks like you might be trying to restore some old data that was backed up over LAN.