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Fail to browse and restore MS SQL databases

Level 4
Hi all,

I use Netbackup Enterprise server 5.0GA for Windows with MP5.
I can successfully backup MS SQL databases on th SERVERX. But when I try to browse backups from Netbackup SQL client (Database extension GUI) on the SERVERX I get message: "Error encountered trying to read database images". Neverthless I can successfully view backups from "Backup, Archive and restore" interface on the SERVERX.

Also I can successfully do flat file backup/restore operations on the SERVERX

What's wrong? How to restore MS SQL bases?

Level 4
Hello Alex,

Can you use the same name of client exist in NBU Server (case sensitive) ?


Level 4
Thanks for your answer. It was a name resolution problem...

Level 6
Can you be more specific without using any sensitive information?

Level 4
Problem was resolved when I became to use FQDN names all along. I suppose MS SQL client's restore function had not found backups in catalog by short name (or conversely).

May be you can say me what's a common practice about using names in NetBackup if we use DNS server? Should we use FQDN names when NB ask us to enter name for master server (or media servers)? It seems that many problems in that case can be resolved if we use long names all along...

Level 6
Thank you for your folllowup post.

Either way will work. I like to use short names whenever possible. I have had to create links in the NetBackup catalog from the FQDN to the short name. But that's an advantage of using UNIX.

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I thought it valuable to add here in case anyone is using MSSQL and has a UNIX master server, and has similar problem browsing SQL images.
It might be to do with the case-sensitivity of the SQL server name.
I had problems browsing for SQL backups until I tried lower case as the default in the MS SQL client places the host name in Upper Case.

The case of the server to browse can be verified by checking the master server for the images held in
on the master.