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Fast Windows Restore Cant detect Nvidia NIC

Level 4

Hi All


I have Netbackup 6.5.3 installed on my windows's 2003 server (X4100 M2 hardware). And I've created a Fast Windows SRT. The problem is that when I try to do a Disaster Recovery. The SRT only detects 2 of the 4 Network interfaces on the server. The 2 Intel Dual Port Gigabit Ethernet Controllers, but not the 2 Nvidia CK8-04DP Interfaces which happens to be one of the interfaces I used to backup the Server.


Has anyone else seen this problem before or know of a work around that might work??



Level 5

Few things to check:

Does your SRT have the drivers needed for this NIC?

For this NIC is there something like special RIS drivers?

Does the packages console in BMR GUI list the packages/drivers for  this NIC, if yes, then see if you can edit a copy of the config and if the drivers are not already listed in teh config, then explicitly add them.


Level 4

Not Sure how to check the SRT for the driver as it's the fast windows iso. I'm assuming it doesn't have the driver seen as I cant select any of the Nvidia NIC's to use for BMR when I boot of the iso.


I've checked the Sun documentation for the X4100 M2 and there is RIS drivers.

I didn't use RIS when installing the server.


Yea the packages Colsole in the BMR GUI contains a Driver for the NIC's.