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Faulting application bpfis.exe

Level 3


Hi, I am relatively new to netbackup but, noticed an issue that keeps occuring occasionally.

I noticed from time to time that VM backups were having an issue when the job kicks off and it says it is creating a snapshot but when I log into vmware, I see no snapshot creation job kick off. I checked the event viewer on my media server and I saw there was a error with bpfis.exe process. I also checked and this same error occured back on 4/4/11 in event viewer. Any ideas on why this occurs? 

I attached the bpfis log.

I am also planning to upgrade to Netbackup 7.1 soon.

Current specs:

Netbackup 7.0.1

Windows Server 2008 SP2


Level 6
Employee Accredited Certified

Hi TColgin,

  Welcome to NetBackup!

  I would highly recommend to review the Late Breaking News page for the NetBackup release you are using. For 7.0.1, the page is

  As you can see from this page, we have listed most of the issues (and downloadable fixes in a few cases) right in this page. For NetBackup for VMware, most of the issues are documented along with downloadable fix. The link is

  It is a good idea to apply this cumulative fix if you haven't applied yet. Alternately, you can work with NetBackup Support team so that an engineer could look at the logs and crash dump (if applicable) and provide you the fix.