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Feeding the new Data Domain Boost media server

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We are going to prepare a new DD to take over the backup.

There are about 2PB data in DMZ, thus need to backup either via WAN or VLAN/FW. I plan to prepare the new DD properly before start any backup on it.

So, I'll duplicate all the full backups from old DD to this new DD, assume aftert that, the new DD would not ask for too much traffic when start a backup to it?

But tricky thing is the media servers, old DD is with old media server, we'll setup a new media server for new DD, they all are in another data center.

My question is, when we start a full backup from a client to write to the new DD, how much traffic would it cause on the VLAN/FW? I assume the traffic between media server and DD would be small, as the new DD now has all the blocks, but just worry about the traffic between client and media server, is it small due to "Distributed Segment Processing", or the whole full backup will be send through from client to media server, as it's the first time DD Boost on the new media server?

Any way to copy any "DD Boost file" from old media server to new media server so it's ready for the "Distributed Segment Processing" for first time?


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Only NetBackup deduplication provides client-side dedupe. 
With any other 3rd-party dedupe appliances, the only dedupe assistance is on the media server with ddboost plug-in. 

DD does not 'ask' for data. The client generates data stream and send it to media server.
So, ALL data is sent from the client to the media server. Media server will then 'check' with DD and only send unique data . 

With 2PB in DMZ, best to deploy its own media server and preferably own DD.