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Fetching Netbackup Hosts


Since a couple of days I have a problem when I try to change something to a VADP policy. I can make change to the clients, I can browse my vcenter from there when I click "new". All the time is there a popup screen saying "Fetching Netbackup hosts ..." When I try to save the policy it won't let me. It says "A VMware backup host must be specified". On the VMware tab of the policy I cannot select a VMware Backup host.

Any ideas?

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Re: Fetching Netbackup Hosts

Does the "Fetching Netbackup Hosts" window disappear? I know you get the error when the policy has not loaded all the possible media hosts to use. You can tell when it hasn't finished loading by checking the Vmware tab. The Vmware backup host will be left blank. See screenshot attached, If I had to make changes and click OK, they wouldn't take affect because the backup hosts haven't been loaded into the policy. 

Wait for Fetching Hosts to complete before making changes. 

Edit: A few minutes after taking the screenshot, the hosts loaded and I can now successfully make changes to the policy.

Re: Fetching Netbackup Hosts

This is exactly my problem, the little screen "Fetching Netbackup Hosts" appears but it never loads the hosts. In the VMware tab the backup host drop down stays greyed out.

I attached my policy as a screenshot

Re: Fetching Netbackup Hosts

How many media servers do you have in your environment?

Are any offline and should be removed from NetBackup?

Depending on the NetBackup version, NetBackup reaches out to all media servers to determine if they can be a backup host or not.  If those host are offline, the api call is waiting for the timeout to be reached.  I believe in 8.0 this was changed and it will just check the list of VMware Backup Host.  Maybe your connection timeouts are too high, but it should eventually show up.

Re: Fetching Netbackup Hosts

Like Eduncan said, it depends on how many servers you have as Media agents. Offline hosts could be your biggest problem as Netbackup scans through all of them.

Re: Fetching Netbackup Hosts

We have 12 media servers, they are all online. In the tab host properties and Media server they all connect properly. This is not the problem.

Re: Fetching Netbackup Hosts

Do you have the output of nbemmcmd -listhost (remove server names)?

Don't know if you system is Linux or Windows, so not going to provide detail instructions, but also check your list of VMware backup host if they are not your media servers.  Make sure that connectivity works.

The log to capture this is difficult to follow, so if you can't identify the issue open a case.


Re: Fetching Netbackup Hosts

Hello All,

Thanks for replying and your time. The problem solved itself. I had this issue for a week, I could not select a backup host. The loading of it just timed out or never finished. And today I suddenly get the list and I selected a backup host. I don't know what happened but the backup works and I am happy. It probably was a network glitch. The environment spreads over a big area with several WAN connections.