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Few general SQL and NetBackup questions....

Level 3

Hope someone can answer several queries concerning NetBackup 7.0.1 and SQL Server 2000/2005/2008......

1. Does the NetBackup client provide hotbackups of the SQL databases? If so, is this a default option or does one require to configure the client to perform hotbackup. Are hotbackups also limited by SQL edition?

2. Are open SQL database files skipped during the backup process? Are special configuration needed to make this happen. or is it set to skip by default?

3. If there's a scheduled job (on let's say Windows 2003) to perform a daily database backup dump to binary file, and from binary file to tape (NetBackup), do timeframes of the jobs or sequences of NetBackup take this into account? 

Appreciated, thanks!


Level 6

1) NO, you have to setup the SQL Agent for NB and use it get backup a live database.

    other option is to use SQL to backup to a backup directory, then have NB backup that dir.

2) No they are not, you have to put them in your exclude list.  If not NB will error that it cannot get the open file and your job will finish with a return code of 1.

3) Not really sure what you are asking.  NetBackup records what time NB backed up the file and the modified time of the (you can see both in the BAR).