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File Server with DFSR and dedupe/compressed partitions

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Please give your comments about this scenario:

We have an HPE StoreEasy as a file server, it is structured with several partitions, which are deduplicated/compressed by the HPE StoreEasy software. The Fileserver handles approximately 20TB of information.

Additionally, a DFSR has been configured in all partitions with the objective of replicating user data to another file server.

Does FlashBackup support DFSR with deduplicated/compressed volumes? We believe not because although a backup runs without problems, the restoration of files has errors (client restore EXIT STATUS 185: tar did not find all the files to be restored)

The documented method is Shadow Copy Components + Accelerator but the performance is not very good. But we have noticed that of the folders that we have managed to backup with this method, the restorations have been successful, but we have this message in backup jobs:

Info bpbkar32(pid=4564) not using change journal data for <Shadow Copy Components:\User Data\Distributed File System Replication\DfsrReplicatedFolders\Datos01>: not supported for non-local volumes / file systems
Info bpbkar32(pid=4564) not using change journal data for <Shadow Copy Components:>: forcing rescan, each file will be read in order to validate checksums

Are these messages normal? Or we must make some additional configuration for accelerator to be effective.

Thanks for your comments.



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I think these are the latest recommendations from Veritas , which you can use accelerator with as well. Another document worth looking at is .